7 Tips On How To Take Care Of The Car Engine

Knowing how to take care of the car’s engine is knowing the lottery numbers… or almost! Adopting simple maintenance habits will not enrich you, but it will certainly prevent you from spending money in the medium and long term. If you want to discover more details on car, you must browse around GloboMechanic website.

Here are seven tips on how to care for your car engine



Simple, easy and fundamental! There are no excuses for not doing the oil change on time, usually every ten thousand kilometers or six months. The type of oil is also important when it comes to knowing how to care for your car’s engine: synthetic lubricating oil or mineral lubricating oil.

Synthetics are generally more expensive, but have greater durability and more technology — to the point of dispensing with the need for additives. The more accessible mineral is also still the most common and the one that best meets the requirements of older cars.

Attention: engines do not usually swallow mixed mineral and synthetic oils well.


The function of the air, oil and fuel filters is to protect the car engine from impurities. Therefore, it is essential that these components are clean and in accordance with the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Attention to the exchange terms.




That moment when you check the engine water level is a good opportunity to also look at the battery terminals, which can become dirty, loose or even corroded. If so, clean them. You will need a steel sponge and a mixture of baking soda in distilled water.

Once every three months, also check the battery water level, if yours needs water. Attention: here the liquid must be distilled water, since the common one harms the component. To finish the care, use petroleum jelly on the battery terminals — it is better than grease.


We have finished the seven tips on how to take care of the car’s engine on the engine itself. It is important to keep it clean to ensure its full operation.

Although there are companies specialized in engine washing, it is possible to do it at home, following some precautions such as protecting the components that are connected to the electrical system (ABS module, bodywork, electronic injection, alternator, relay box, coil etc.). The best way to wash the engine is using a steam pressure machine. Never use washing powder, solvents, acids or kerosene degreasers, as they dry out hoses and belts, in addition to the sealing rubbers.

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